Service Items
1.Types of the trade Secrets

method, technique, process, formula, program and design.

  1. Procreation information
  2. Research and development information
  3. Sales information
  4. Business information
  5. Accounting information
  6. Operation information
2.Planning of trade secrets
  1. Contracting of confidentiality agreement
  2. Centralized management of files and documents
  3. Written record and computerized monitoring 
3. Auditing trade Secrets
  1. Management  of the period of trade secrets
  2. Verification of encryption process
  3. Add or remove items of secrecy
4.Preparatory proceeding of infringement of trade secrets
  1. Evidence collection
  2. Identification of infringement of trade secrets
  3. Legal attest letters
  4. Provisional seizure, provisional injunction
  5. Litigation
5. Translation of trade secrets
  1. Chinese
  2. English
  3. Japanese