Liao, Jing-Ru Manager/ IP Attorney
Manager/ IP Attorney Liao, Jing-Ru

Jing-Ru has handled more than ten thousand cases and the number keeps increasing. She handles the application of trademark, patent, and copyrights, in addition to case transfer, case authorization, case inheritance, case commerce and other procedure of law. She is good at negotiation for coexistence, reciprocal authorization, and contract writing.

She has completed transnational intellectual property right cases from China, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Africa, Europe, Spanish, France, Germany and other countries. She is now in charge of servicing and contacting customers, actively expanding the number of cases in the law office. She is honored to participate in the age when the number of intellectual property right cases in Taiwan skyrockets that where the innovation of Taiwan meets the innovation of the world.

Law is stabilizing power the society. To maintain the quality of cases, we are committed to continuously improving the procedure, planning, correcting, and simplifying the standard procedure of case handling to assure the best quality and most precise cases to achieve the win-win situation of our firm and the clients that we serve.

Sharon Yang Legal coordinator

Howard Chang Legal coordinator
Chen, Ching-Jung Legal coordinator
Ho, Wei-Cheng Legal coordinator
Kiki Chen Legal coordinator
Legal coordinator Sharon Yang

Sharon, graduated from a famous law school, handles thousands of application, midway process, and certification of intellectual property right cases. She is a very talented legal professional who seeks the maximum protection of rights for her clients. Her superb ability in provision, corroboration, and interpretation of evidence helps her clients to successfully apply for trademark, patents, and copyrights.

Her excellent scholarly performance proves her law proficiency and English ability, in particular, law English, business English, e-mail and letter correspondence in English, and contract proposal in English, all of which enable her to lead a team to handle transnational cases in the application, authorization, and infringement of copyrights.

Her outstanding work performance and superior language ability facilitate the liaison and cooperation with foreign law firms in handling transnational cases in intellectual property rights that defend the rights and interests of Taiwanese companies. Her recitation and interpretation of laws increase the number of international cases that our law firm handles and let the competitiveness of Taiwan industries shines around the world.

Legal coordinator Howard Chang

Howard had been the Special Assistant to an executive in an enterprise for several years, and is familiar with defense and offense strategies in law issues facing SMEs.  He has fruitful experiences in writing employment contracts, protection of brands, dealing with customer complaints, pre-litigation mediation, and strategic layout of trademarks and patents in different countries.

He handles intellectual property right cases in Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong, USA, Vietnam and Thailand on a routine basis. He is good at planning and executing trademark, patent, copyright cases for enterprises, with a specific focus on advising legal matters in the innovative branding of conventional industries. 85 percent of his clients are listed companies, which are comprised of large enterprises and international conglomerates, with more than three hundred employees. He is well acquainted with the internal procedures and important law issues of large companies.

He maps out law cases in trademark extension and patent royalty meticulously, and provides suitable legal advices on product origin, product distribution, and location of competitors. He is conscientious and detail-minded in planning and handling intellectual property right cases, confirming the details of every case attentively that sustains the business of his clients and lowers the chances of copyright infringement.

Legal coordinator Chen, Ching-Jung

Ching-Jung, graduated from a famous law school and minored in Japanese for three years, has a double degree in Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts. She is fluent in Japanese communication and specializes in Chinese and Japanese translation. She is keen at cooperation between Taiwan and Japan and is in charge of case liaison with Japanese law firms. Talented in Japanese language and law profession, she was sent by her alma mater to Japan for exchange studies, when she was exposed to the culture and the way of verbal expression in Japan. This enables her to handle applications of Japanese companies in Taiwan and Taiwanese companies in Japan in the workplace, also allowing Taiwanese industries and companies to gain publicity in Japan.

She is good at cases of midway procedure and infringement of trademark and patents. 40 percent of her customers are start-up companies, and 60 percent of the cases are procedure of response, procedure of appealing, and procedure of litigation. Her pre-litigation strategy and tactics of mutual-licensing mediation are proven exceptional.

Most of the cases of trademark and patents she handles are from Taiwan, mainland China, Mexico, Japan and Argentina. She provides opinion letters and overall planning for cases in the advisory stage to minimize the contingency of legal risks.

Legal coordinator Ho, Wei-Cheng

Wei-Cheng focuses on a large number of new application cases. He has a diverse customer base that is comprised of start-up companies, limited companies, share companies, corporations, foundations, religious organizations, and not-for-profit entities. He is proficient in general application cases of trademarks, and on top of that, membership marks, collective trademarks, certification marks and other special types.

He is experienced in planning and analysis of trademark application of new protocols, which comprise the majority of application cases that he handles. Besides, he focuses on the arrangement and auditing of trade secrets, assisting firms to institutionalize technical knowhow and trade secrets as matters of law that will not be disclosed.

As regards copyright, he handles cases of recordation of Chinese copyright and perpetuation of evidence regarding authentication of Taiwanese copyright. This enables him to settle disputes between the author and copyright holder at the first instance of copyright infringement that would save judicial resources. He is also good at legal matters of trading, licensing, and transfer the subject matter of copyright.

Legal coordinator Kiki Chen

Graduating from the law school, Kiki devoted herself to the law profession. She has solid experience in case planning, generalizing issues, and collecting evidences. She is good at mediation, formulating contracts, composing legal attest letters, case reporting to the Intellectual Property Rights Protection Police Force, and provisional seizure and provisional injunction. She is very familiar with the practice of law and often represents the company to handle more than a thousand law cases all across Taiwan.

She is responsible for handling the pledge of trademarks, patents, and copyrights, in addition to authorization contracts, infringement authentication, and price assessment. She provides clear and definite contents of law to ensure a smooth proceeding of cases. She is acquainted with the procedure of counterfeit seizure by customs, and counts the number of counterfeit products, which are seized at custom warehouses at where the goods are unloaded to prevent outflow into the country, to make evidence collection more complete. This facilitates the determination of compensation amount in the mediation process or indemnity payment in the litigation process.

She is good at assessing and handling cases under dispute, tracking and adjusting case-handling tactics for litigation cases. In the final and binding judgment, she helps her clients to obtain the compensation at the compulsory execution stage to complete all legal due processes and to strive the best interests of all clients that she serves.

Eric ChenChief Of Counsel/ Lawyer/ Patent Attorney
Chief Of Counsel/ Lawyer/ Patent Attorney Eric Chen

Eric, a licensed lawyer and patent attorney, has made fruitful contribution to the law literature and published in major academic journals. He is very familiar with litigations on trademark infringement, negotiation for mutual patent licensing, confirmation of copyright holdership, and claims for trade secret compensations, in addition to general civil, criminal, and administrative cases. He has a keen interest in law and will pursue the Ph.D. degree in law to make further contribution in this area.

He has handled a lot of infringement cases, and is familiarized with trademark act, patent act, and the examination guidelines for trademark and patents. Experienced in both judicial domain and administrative domain of patent examination, he is good at mediation and litigation of intellectual property right cases; supported by his well-talented cross-examination skills to strive for the best interests of the litigant.

In the proceeding of action, from the preparatory proceeding like provisional seizure, provisional injunction, evidences collection and writing plaint to the litigation proceeding for the preparatory session, oral-argument session, appealing on the second instance and the third instance, he has extensive experience and exposure in the court, and can be counted on the due processes of litigation to meet the litigant’s expectation.

Liu, Chang-Hung Patent coordinator
Hsueh, Pei-Chun Patent coordinator
Wang, Tzu-Yuan Patent coordinator
Patent coordinator Liu, Chang-Hung

Chang-Hung, a mechanical specialist, is well acquainted with CNC operation. As an engineer in platform operation, he was responsible for research on machinery works, functionality development, reverse engineering, and mechanical drawing. He also planned and coordinated patent layout in its manufacturing and distribution areas.

He is familiarized with SOLIDWORKS and AUTOCAD in patent drawing, and can provide consultation, planning, and drafting of patent content including prior art, abstract, specification, scope of claims, and product graphic design. He is specialized in patent cases of machine tools, motor parts, industrial design, and the like.

He has two years of working experience in the USA after graduating from college, and travelled to English-speaking countries for business on a regular basis. He knows well the patent layout, product planning, and way of thinking of renowned foreign brands, facilitating the patent licensing, trading, and apprising with foreign patent holders.


Patent coordinator Hsueh, Pei-Chun

Pei-Chun, majoring in industrial design with distinction, was dispatched to the Beijing Institute of Technology as an exchange student to research industrial design, drawing, mass production, and multitouch capability of industrial products to enhance the interaction between humans and machines and raise the importance of human factors engineering in industrial production. At graduate school, she focused on industrial symbolization and line and curve design in the innovation and design of industrial and consumer products. She has gained experiences in international product design by participating in European product design concept and process when she was sent to a famous university if French for a short-term academic research.

In handling patent cases, she is proficient in drawing precision components in actual proportion of ink lines. She is keen on drawing industrial pipe works, metallic parts, detailed components and fixtures in both preparatory proceeding and final output. She is also good at planning innovative design and articulating functionality improvement of consumer products in circumventing possible mimicking by others and protecting consumer interests in extending the scope of claim of the patent to the largest extent.

She also serves as a visiting instructor at universities and teaches the basic concepts of industrial design, leading top-notch students to execute research project on product innovation and design. She is acquainted with the due processes of intellectual property rights protection in higher institutions in Taiwan, and is one of the few patent coordinators who has extended her reach to both the academia and the industry.

Patent coordinator Wang, Tzu-Yuan

Tzu-Yuan, with a chemical engineering and material science background, was employed by a petrochemical company and experienced at industrial chemicals such as paints, coatings, carbon fibers for automobiles and motorbikes, wear-and-scratch resistant and antioxidant insulating surface for high-tech products. He used to plan and execute the auditing system of assembly lines in the production of hazardous chemicals and MSDS in mainland China, with consumers in the high-tech and traditional industries across Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Greater China area.

Tzu-Yuan is proficient in petrochemicals and law, and specialized in civil law, patent act, and Labor Standards Act. When studying graduate school of law, he has gained research experience in analyzing the optimal balance between petrochemical firms and researchers in assigning, transferring, and licensing intellectual property rights between the two parties, and institutionalizing the distribution of loyalties and stocks.

He is highly fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. He is good at drafting patent cases, including patent name, prior art, specification, abstract, and scope of claims in English, or translate Chinese legal files into English.

Charlien Liao Administrator
Administrator    Charlien Liao

Charlien, who has worked in one of the top three medical centers in Taiwan, is experienced in creating, filing, and tracking tens of thousands of medical files. She is proficient in collecting, compiling, and archiving big data, and is very good at tracking and informing the expiration of trademarks, patents, and copyright cases.

Charlien is responsible for computerizing legal documents in written form and overseeing the process flow of trademark, patent, and copyright cases on an annual basis. She is the key person for electronic submission, document retrieval, and receipt assortment for correspondences with the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

She is aspired in the legal profession and well-planned in standardizing the interface for handling legal cases in abidance with the “Legal Process SOP”. She conducts double-archiving in both electronic and paper form, oversees the due process of case handling, follows through the due dates of all cases, and carries out cloud computing in accordance with the “Law 4.0” protocol.