Intellectual property rights cases have become internationalized, and legal disputes are no longer restricted to one country but involve several countries. The specificity of the legal environment in each jurisdiction makes cross-border lawsuits more complicated than ever. Under the trend of internationalization, FLYING Intellectual Property Law Office is expanding its scope of business to accommodate clients’ demands for cross-border legal consultation. The name “FLYING” states our ambition to help clients overcome their entry barriers in international application and business development. 


1.     The main ingredients of our logo, L and O, stand for the initial of our Law office.

2.     Our theme colors are white, blue, and gray.

·       White stands for unlimited, visually allowing for different color variations in our LOGO, and corresponding to our legal representation in versatile environments.

·       Blue stands for trust, professionalism, and wisdom, encompassing the breadth and width in the legal profession to make bold and confident strides into the future.

·       Gray stands for serenity, stability, and security, a neutral color that can harmonize different colors in imaging, upholding law as the stabilizing power of the society.



With our scope of business covering intellectual property rights protection in trademarks, patents and copyrights in 195 countries across Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania, “FLYING” reflects our ambition to extend our reach around the world and resonates our expedition in handling cross-border cases.

With our mission to bring the excellence of Taiwan in protecting IP rights to the world, “FLYING” shows our resolution in executing our commitment to our clients. Along the “FLYING” journey, we demonstrate our corporate philosophy to go flying, keep improving, and seek excellence.